Two thousand days!!


Today we have been together for 2000 days!! And what an adventure it’s been!

I know this is a totally random fact but I figured it out a while ago and then forgot about it…… so all of a sudden the day is here! Why? I hear you ask……

Well, when we were trying to choose a wedding date, we knew we wanted a winter wedding in 2013 but couldn’t pick a date of any significance so I tried to come up with ideas and we discovered that on Wednesday 13th November 2013 it would be 1000 days from our first date, so the wedding date was set!

So I thought it would be significant to figure out when we would hit 2000 days! It doesn’t sound very long really, but its

5 years, 5 months and 23 days!

Or 48,000 hours!

I honestly feel it has quite literally flown by! We are older but probably not wiser, definitely more gray hairs along the way though and bigger bags under the eyes, but it’s been fun and very busy! We’ve got engaged, planned a wedding, bought our own home and best accomplishment to date has definitely been becoming a family of three!  We’ve certainly had our ups and downs, and like any couple we have our disagreements but we’re still going strong.

I’ve listed a few dates and selected a few photos to look back on and it has yet again reminded me that we never had many photos taken as a couple and we really must remember to get more photos taken of the three of us!

First date – Friday 18th February 2011

First photo together – Sunday 1st May 2011

Engaged – Monday 3rd September 2012

Wedding day – Wednesday 13th November 2013

New Home – Friday 31st October 2014

Hannah’s Birth – Tuesday 16th June 2015


Our first photos as a couple were selfies taken along the shore at Holywood.


Chris proposed at the top of Inishowen Head Lighthouse, Co Donegal in September 2012 after receiving permission from The Commissioners of Irish Lights.


We were married at Holy Trinity Church, Glencraig on Wednesday 13th November 2013 and had our reception afterwards at The Old Inn, Crasfordsburn.


Our honeymoon was a 14 night Caribbean cruise and this photo was taken at Maho Beach, St Martin, where the aircraft fly low over the beach to land at the island’s airport.


This was taken at my sister’s wedding in April 2015 and I felt a very massive 30 weeks pregnant!


How stunning is this!! First family photo the morning after Hannah arrived! Now we are three!!


First family visit to meet Santa!


In the wheelhouse of the Strangford ferry, April 2016.


Hannah’s first birthday party June 2016


And this one was taken just last week!

Hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about us!

Christine xx