I’ve been enjoying a little taste of summer with some elderflower cordial……


Just over a month ago while looking for some foliage to fill little vases to decorate the table for Hannah’s birthday party I discovered we had elderflower bushes at the bottom of the garden! (Our garden is quite big and still a bit of a wilderness, we’ve been busy renovating the house so the garden is still on the endless ‘to-do’ list!) Fast forward a month and I eventually managed to find time to make some elderflower cordial! There are still a few blooms out and about around the country but it is more or less the end of the season about now, so just about getting this blog out on time!


I searched the internet and most recipes are fairly similar, I decided to try Mary Berry’s version as she would usually be my first choice for cake recipes and i’ve never gone wrong with any of her recipes.

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