Recently it was Hannah’s second birthday. So while I still could I wanted to plan a sweet little tea party for her with a bit of a bunny rabbit theme as I’m all too aware that over the coming years she will choose her own theme and characters for her party and her cake!

I really enjoy planning for little family gatherings like this, note pad in hand, scribbled ideas and too much time spent on Pinterest is just my thing!  As I planned everything in my head it soon developed into a vintage tea party with a touch of rustic and the colours pink and gold crept in as I decided on pretty tableware and decorations, so I thought I would share some photos of the set up and the lovely bits I used to pull it all together.

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Last week Hannah turned two! We had a tea party, Hannah loves tea (and bunny rabbits) so I built a little theme around that. It was a simple family affair with lots of treats and cake (and tea!)

So while planning I got thinking about making some cute decorations using teacups, and considering mum and I have a plethora of vintage china I knew it would be just perfect to fit in with our theme.

So here goes, this is you’ll need to make some pretty teacup succulents:

Teacups & saucers

{Check out ebay and your local charity shops where you’ll find loads to choose from.}

Cacti or Succulents

{I picked these up in our local garden centre, ranging from 99p to £2

Small pebbles or stones

Potting soil


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Inspired by the lovely Emma’s recent visit to Victoriana floral in Whitehead for a wreath making workshop I thought it would be fab to have a go at some DIY wreath making! I gave my good friend Claire a shout to see what she thought and we decided we’d be mad enough to give it a go!

Anyone who knows me well knows our garden is a work in progress (that’s putting it politely!) we inherited this crazy unkempt wilderness with huge shrubs and 60 foot evergreens when we bought our home two years ago and much as we try to manage it it requires a huge amount of work but what a joy it is for foraging….. copious amounts of various ivies, a blackberry bush, variegated holly, berried holly, berried shrubs, the colours and textures are endless! Whats not to love about the array of autumn colours mixed with the evergreens and all the berries appearing for the birds, I really enjoyed foraging in my garden.

Claire also took a stroll through the local Clandeboye estate and my dad got in on the act foraging through the hedgerows of the family fields ‘at home’ in Portadown. What an array of finds we gathered, enough for ten wreaths i’m sure!

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When the nursery Hannah attends sent out information regarding planned activities for August I was quite excited they would be having a fancy dress day on one of the days she attends! The initial excitement soon changed to apprehension as I tried to decide what on earth she could wear! So after much searching (and time wasting!) on Pinterest I came up with the idea of Little Red Riding Hood.

I still wasn’t sure how I was going to pull this off but had a few ideas in mind……..

Alter a red gingham school dress to fit….

Make a red cape and a white apron…..

Find a small basket….

Sounds simple enough, right!?!

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I was planning this little blog post while on holiday in Inishowen, County Donegal last month so thought it was about time I pulled it all together to share……..

Who remembers bringing their mum or nanny a bunch of pretty flowers as a child? I certainly do, be it a bunch of daisies or dog daisies or even the humble dandelion, and they always put them in a little jam jar and set them on the kitchen window sill and said how pretty they were! (Although I do remember a bunch of dog daisies making a swift journey to bin after covering the window sill in greenfly!)

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