Two girls…. daughters….. sisters……  as I thought about writing a piece for mother’s day I realised that for me mother’s day isn’t all about me, it’s all about them. It’s chaotic, exhausting and all consuming at times but also such a blessing watching these two rascals grow and learn together. I’ve realised that I love these two little people more than i’ve loved anything in my life, mother;s day is a celebration of them more than me.

Motherhood has made me strong and fierce, I will fight for my girls even more than I would fight for myself! But it’s also made me realise my shortcomings as I endeavour not to sweat the small stuff, to remember to take a moment and step back and see the world through a child’s eyes, to see the beauty in the simple things and find joy in those everyday moments.

These girls of ours……

Hannah will be three in June and is most definitely my little side kick, constantly checking up on me, questioning me and making sure i’m doing everything right! I regularly see myself in her and it often shocks me, do I really say that? Do I frown and scowl like that? Seemingly I do! She is a right little miss independent when she wants to be but still loves to curl up for what she calls a ‘cuggle’ when she’s tired. She really does adore her little sister, checks on her, watches over her, brings her her toys and makes her giggle.

Naomi will be six months next week! This shocks me in so many ways! Where has time gone? How has she got so big? She’s such a happy content wee woman and is truly thriving, she loves to be a part of everything and see what’s going on. She’s loving her toys at the moment, reaching and grabbing everything, shes found her voice and her tongue and particularly likes blowing raspberries! She’s always watching Hannah and giggles and smiles to get her attention.

They both wake up with a smile and start the day chatting or singing (they don’t get it from me!) Daddy is still Hannah’s favourite person, and it’s like Naomi knows and I see her staring at him and when she catches his eye the big grin appears! I love how their little relationship is developing and I hope they will always be friends as well as sisters.


So while this Sunday is about celebrating mothers, i’m over here celebrating my children for the great joy they bring me and for how much they have enriched my life. I will teach them to be strong and fierce and that they can achieve anything they put their mind too. To never accept second best, to treat others as they would want to be treated themselves and to be caring and kind. I’m incredibly lucky to have my beautiful little family, and to have the privilege of being called their mummy.

Christine xx



** The selection of photos i’ve shared are just a few of my favourites which were taken at RinkaDink Studio when Naomi was seven weeks old, we LOVE these photos and I really wanted some on the blog! This is not sponsored but I can highly recommend Janine and Lindsay to capture some special memories **


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