It seems Iike no time at all since we were bringing you home from hospital at one week old so it’s hard to believe that any day now you will be earning the title of ‘big sister’!

Every day now you giggle as you tell us that you’re Mummy’s girl…….. Daddy’s bird……… and Nanny’s angel. Daddy is still by far your favourite but it’s always mummy that you call in the middle of the night!! And when nanny’s in charge you tell her you’re going out for tea and cake! (that’s my girl – well taught!)

We’ve thought so much about how life will change when you become a big sister, about what it’ll be like to be a family of four, about whether you’ll have a little brother or sister, what they’ll look like, and what colour their hair will be! You’ve helped mummy wash and prepare all the new baby clothes, we’ve bought the nappies and cream and put them in baby’s drawers and packed baby’s bag for the hospital. You give baby kisses and hugs every day in mummy’s tummy and you’ve been reading baby the new book you have for them. You’ve been chatting to baby and singing twinkle twinkle, telling us baby is coming soon, or in the morning, chopping and changing between whether baby is a boy or girl, no doubt you will tell us exactly what you think when baby arrives! You absolutely love babies and love to see your two brand new baby cousins so we know you’ll make the perfect big sister and will be mummy and daddy’s little helper.

You have changed so much over the summer months, you’ve moved to the toddler room at nursery and you’re just loving it, learning new things everyday. You’ve been a wee star at the potty training and you never stop talking, your speech amazes me, everything so precise and in context, you are sure to tell us exactly what you want and what you’re thinking! We’re definitely minding our p’s and q’s!!

You will always be mummy and daddy’s number one, not in the sense that you’ll be the favourite or more important than your sibling but we’ve gone through so many firsts with you, you made us mummy and daddy, but as parents we never knew how much love we had in our hearts until you came along but we know now just how capable our hearts are of expanding, our love will not divide, it will multiply.

A little brother or sister will be so much fun, you will argue and fight, you’ll probably even beat each other up! But think of the mischief you’ll get up to, getting into trouble together and driving mummy and daddy mad, it’ll soon feel like you have always been together.

To our big girl, mummy and daddy love you so much and you will make the perfect big sister, you will take it all in your stride and continue to be the funny, loving and cheeky little rascal that you are!

Love Mummy & Daddy xx

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