Last week Hannah turned two! We had a tea party, Hannah loves tea (and bunny rabbits) so I built a little theme around that. It was a simple family affair with lots of treats and cake (and tea!)

So while planning I got thinking about making some cute decorations using teacups, and considering mum and I have a plethora of vintage china I knew it would be just perfect to fit in with our theme.

So here goes, this is you’ll need to make some pretty teacup succulents:

Teacups & saucers

{Check out ebay and your local charity shops where you’ll find loads to choose from.}

Cacti or Succulents

{I picked these up in our local garden centre, ranging from 99p to £2

Small pebbles or stones

Potting soil


And it really is quite simple, place a few pebbles in the bottom of each cup to allow for drainage, add some potting soil, transfer your succulent, pack some soil around it and top it with some moss. The great thing about succulents is they are really tough, they don’t like a lot of water so if you forget to water it for a while they’ll be quite happy!

This would be a really fun, easy and inexpensive gift! Perfect for teacher gifts, wedding favours, baby shower favours, gifts for mums, nannies and girlfriends, just add a little name label or thank you tag!

I have to say I went all pink and gold with mine, I do love a theme! But anything goes, do let me know if you give this a go, and please share photos!

Christine xx


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