I can’t quite believe you are two already!

How did that happen so quickly!

When did you get so tall and start looking so grown up?

Where have all those words and all that chatting come from?

It seems like only yesterday that you arrived into the world in such a hurry, and from that instant you’ve changed our lives in a way we could never have anticipated! The last two years have passed in the blink of an eye, we could never have imagined they would pass so quickly, we have learnt so much from you, and would do well to be as chilled out and carefree as you!

Everyday you waken with a smile and have a good old yarn with flopsy (he is never too far away from your side!) and maybe a song or two before calling mummy and daddy, we love to listen to your chat before coming to pick you up. You always enquire about where everyone is, if daddy has gone to the boat or if mummy is at the ‘nee-naw’ and if nanny is coming to see Hannah.

You are such a gentle and loving little girl who just loves her flopsy and her baby, you treat them with such care and attention, asking them if they are alright. You are cautious and won’t rush into anything or speak to anyone you don’t know so well but when it is just you and mummy you never stop talking and love being up on the chair beside me in the kitchen so you can ‘elp!

Daddy is still your favourite, he gets all the giggles and laughs and you roll around with him on the floor being silly, and you and daddy curl up together and chat and watch the ‘nee-naw’ (Fireman Sam) He’s been teaching you all about boats and lifeboats and lighthouses and you just love all those things.









You love to read and sing and dance, you can get through Old Macdonald, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and The Wheels on the Bus, filling in the blanks with the tune when you don’t say the words. You can count a little and you’re learning your colours, your favourite colour is yellow! You love to chat and pick up on everything, repeating things we didn’t even realise you’d heard. You love to go out for tea, especially with nanny, with your handbag and your entourage of flopsy and baby and blankets! You love being outside, the swing is your favourite and you love going to nursery and it’s such a joy that you are so happy there when we are at work.

You are getting so grown up and are sensible beyond your years, when you give that little frown as much to say ‘you’re talking nonsense mummy!’ I realise that you’re not easily bluffed! We haven’t hit the terrible twos or had any tantrums but I’m sure they will come our way eventually………

You still love to be rocked to sleep, it’s such a joy to share cuddles and chats at the end of the day…… And your ‘doe-dee’……..  I can’t see us ever getting rid of that anytime soon! You are such a joy to be around and you make us so proud, you will make a perfect big sister but you’ll still be my baby girl!

Love Mummy xx

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