I was planning this little blog post while on holiday in Inishowen, County Donegal last month so thought it was about time I pulled it all together to share……..

Who remembers bringing their mum or nanny a bunch of pretty flowers as a child? I certainly do, be it a bunch of daisies or dog daisies or even the humble dandelion, and they always put them in a little jam jar and set them on the kitchen window sill and said how pretty they were! (Although I do remember a bunch of dog daisies making a swift journey to bin after covering the window sill in greenfly!)


‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

I love all the colours in the countryside, along the verges and hedgerows during the spring and summer months as everything blooms and comes to life. Be they weeds or wild flowers there is such an array of pretty colours and textures and I thought it would be lovely to make an arrangement just from what I could find along the roadside.

We walked loads during our wee break so I had a fair idea what was in the verges and hedgerows around us so we headed off one evening with Hannah snoozing in her buggy and me armed with only a vegetable knife to see what I could find!


I gathered a variety of grasses, ivy, fern, dock flower, cow parsley, buttercups, dog daisies, purple clover, and some honeysuckle and fuschia , as well as other flowers and foliage who’s names I’m not familiar with! All growing happily in the verges and hedgerows, adding bright colours and beautiful scents, I really do love the beautiful scent of honeysuckle.

We arrived back with the pram basket overflowing with my finds (and Chris rolling his eyes at the ‘mess’!) As we were staying in self catering accommodation I hadn’t many options regarding containers so with a bit of imagination I gathered a delph teapot from the kitchen and a little jug I had just purchased from Moville pottery.  I am no florist and I had no idea how I was going to put an arrangement together! So I sorted my finds into little piles and set to work, first with the foliage and then built it up with the flowers.




I wanted quite a wild look and I was really happy with what I achieved with my evenings faffing. They both lasted a few days and I even managed to nurse my little jug the whole way home from Donegal so we could continue to enjoy them at home!



I hope this will give you a little inspiration to be creative and see the beauty in the humble little flowers and weeds along the roadside. (My little helper seemed to approve of my faffing!)



Thank you for reading!

Christine xx


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