I’ve been tagged on Instagram quite a few times over the last wee while to share 20 facts about me! Firstly apologies to all those who tagged me, I did not mean to appear rude by not sharing but things have just been a bit hectic!

I’m definitely a bit late to the game with this one but some of you may also have noticed that my poor blog has been severely neglected so I thought this would be a good post to get me back on the blogging band wagon again!

If you are a new reader I hope this gives you a little insight into my world, and for those of you who have been here a while maybe you will find out something new!

So here goes…….

  1. I am married to Chris and we have one daughter, Hannah, and another little poppet on the way. (Growing Baby Beale number two has proved quite tiring!)
  2. Chris and I got engaged at the top of a lighthouse and we were married 1000 days after our first date!
  3. It’s a very rare occasion that I don’t speak to my mum everyday! (sometimes several times!) If for some reason we don’t speak we will always have sent text messages!
  4. Family is everything, enough said!
  5. My nanny (maternal grandmother) was like my second mum, I learnt how to cook, bake and be creative from her as well as my mum. I learnt how to knit when I was four, simply because I constantly pestered my mum!
  6. I love all sorts of creativity from baking, cake decorating, knitting, sewing, crochet, upcycling, the list is endless but there’s just not enough hours in the day anymore!
  7. I grew up in the countryside outside Portadown and thought I’d always live there but work and marriage lead me to live by the sea in Bangor!
  8. Age…… I rarely discuss my age, but just for the record I am 30 something! Oh, and my husband is my toyboy!
  9. I joined the airport fire service ten years ago and I’m a crew commander, I’m also the only female on station but that doesn’t bother me.
  10. We moved into our first home when I was 8 weeks pregnant, it needed a new kitchen, new bathroom and central heating system, two and a half years on it is still very much a work in progress!
  11. My husband and I both love books, we have endless books in our home and Hannah’s collection is growing rapidly too, I just can’t resist buying her new ones!
  12. I love flowers and would always have loved to do a floristry course, maybe some day!
  13. I am fiercely independent and would often rather do something myself than wait for someone to help me.
  14. I have an unhealthy addiction to tea and coffee, my first sentence was ‘tup of tea mummy’, need I say more!
  15. I was a Brownie leader for 18 years, I still regret taking a break and not getting back to it, I will no doubt go back to Girlguiding when Hannah is old enough to be a Rainbow.
  16. I am dreadfully sarcastic and sometimes the only answer you will get from me is a roll of the eyes!
  17. I am neither a morning person or a night owl, I think years of shift work always leaves me wanting more sleep.
  18. I love FOOD…… sweet, savoury, anything really and I love to try new things. But don’t ever give me baked beans or brown sauce!
  19. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I’m always first to criticise my own work. I constantly put myself under pressure to have everything perfect but with a toddler in tow sometimes things really do have to give.
  20. I’m often a bit of a people pleaser but I’m learning that I can’t change how other people behave towards me or my family, I can only be myself. So for the sake of my sanity they can just rock on!!

If you are still reading thank you so much for sticking with me!

Much Love

Christine xx

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