Inspired by the lovely Emma’s recent visit to Victoriana floral in Whitehead for a wreath making workshop I thought it would be fab to have a go at some DIY wreath making! I gave my good friend Claire a shout to see what she thought and we decided we’d be mad enough to give it a go!

Anyone who knows me well knows our garden is a work in progress (that’s putting it politely!) we inherited this crazy unkempt wilderness with huge shrubs and 60 foot evergreens when we bought our home two years ago and much as we try to manage it it requires a huge amount of work but what a joy it is for foraging….. copious amounts of various ivies, a blackberry bush, variegated holly, berried holly, berried shrubs, the colours and textures are endless! Whats not to love about the array of autumn colours mixed with the evergreens and all the berries appearing for the birds, I really enjoyed foraging in my garden.

Claire also took a stroll through the local Clandeboye estate and my dad got in on the act foraging through the hedgerows of the family fields ‘at home’ in Portadown. What an array of finds we gathered, enough for ten wreaths i’m sure!

So armed with our finds on my dining room table, a few simple tools and some notions and ideas from pinterest and youtube we got creative. We made it a family affair, joined by mum and Auntie Ann we knew if we made a hash of it at least the craic would be great! Auntie Doreen also joined the madness to spur us on and keep an eye on the kids.




We moistened our oasis rings and then created a base layer with various foliage, then built our wreaths up with berries, pine cones, apples, crab apples, rosehips, twigs and autumn leaves. I absolutely loved how they all turned out and how everyone’s looked so different.  To finish off we wired them to hold everything in place and made a little hook to hang them up, this might I add was very ad lib as none of us have any floristry experience.



No gathering would be complete without some homemade treats, thanks to mum for the scones, shortbread and cupcakes, needless to say with cupcakes on offer the kids enjoyed it too.


Look at our results! We are rather delighted with ourselves! Lucky I had a random nail outside the front door to show them off!!



Claire’s lovely wreath, with varigated ivy, seeded ivy, berries and apples, and I love the twigs added around the outside.



Ann went for lots of coloured and textured foilage, adding berries, dried pine needle bunches and pine cones to finish.



Mum’s finished wreath had seeded ivy and varigated holly, with red berries, crab apples and rose hips to add colour along with fiery autumn leaves.



I used seeded ivy, autumn foilage, crab apples and rose hips to complete my wreath with a circle of eucalyptus leaves around the outside.


Didn’t we do well! (the dark jeans and brown footwear was unintentional!)

My wreath is currently hanging outside my front door, I will endeavour to water it and see how long it survives the winter wind and rain! Ann has placed hers on a charger and intertwined some battery fairy lights and placed church candles in the centre to make a beautiful centrepiece.

We are now planning a mini workshop for Christmas, I still have all that fir, holly and ivy available in my wilderness! I hope this will inspire you to get creative! The hedgerows are just brimming with beautiful foliage and berries.

Thanks for reading.

Christine xx

** We have no floristry experience at all, just willing to give it a try! Some photos courtesy of Claire, pop over to her new blog at and have a wee read.

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  1. Didn’t we do well!! I throughly enjoyed making our wreaths and I am already planning my Christmas wreath!! Thank you Christine for having us x

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