The days are long but the years are short – Gretchen Rubin

This quote really struck a chord with me and it’s so true, some days I feel like I’m just freefalling until I reach bedtime…..  It is now six months since I returned to work following maternity leave, in ways the time has absolutely flown by but in other ways the days have felt long and sometimes stressful. It’s tough going and there’s days we’re both absolutely exhausted!


{Two days before returning to work!}

I’ve recently looked back at my photo collages over the last six months and realised that we’ve still managed to fit quite a lot of stuff in while juggling the pressures of work so I thought I would share a little about how we manage, it’s definitely not all plain sailing!


{March 2016}

Hannah was almost nine months old when I returned in March and I knew it would be quite a juggling act to manage childcare while we both worked full time on two different shift patterns. She is so adaptable, and really surprises us at times, so easy going and happy and content to spend time with other people, I definitely think it is harder on us than it is on her! She attends nursery two afternoons a week and she really loves it, has never shed a tear! They have been great and offer one flexible day a week which helps us work around our shifts. We are lucky that we can manage most of her care ourselves, most days either of us get her up in the morning and put her to bed at night, it makes for long days for us and we are often like ships that pass in the night but being able to be there for her is the most important thing. On the days when we both have to work the same shifts one of her nannies is there to step in.


{April 2016}


I organise a spreadsheet for each month, this must sound extremely over the top but it’s the easiest way of figuring out who is doing what when, were shift swops are required and which days she goes to nursery.  Don’t get me wrong, I still mess up, the horror of bringing her to nursery on the wrong day when I was on my way to work was awful, I think the look on my face was enough for them to agree to take her if I could get her collected as soon as possible. This was followed with a tearful phone call to Chris before work to make sure he collected her on his way home!


{May 2016}


{June 2016}

Chris and I only have one day off together every nine days so we try to keep it free to do family things, even if it’s just out for lunch or a stroll around the park. On days when we’re both knackered it’s just a case of being in the house at the same time!


{July 2016}


{August 2016}

Yes the years are short, where is time going! I’m so thankful that I’ve used Instagram to document our best bits and favourite things, yes we most certainly have bad days but it’s good to look back at the positive things to keep us going. I’ve found great support through the lovely Instagram community and also reading blogs, through all the tears and tantrums, good days and bad days, we’re all in this together just trying to do the best for our families and trying not to feel guilty along the way!

Christine xx

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  1. This is so nice to read! I’ll be going back to shift work once my maternity leave ends and I’m not looking forward to it. Quite like the idea of the spreadsheet, might make me feel a wee bit less panicked!

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